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The Chronic Care Plan

For the treatment of degenerative disorders, supportative cancer treatments, and mental health support.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine comes into its own when it comes to chronic care of degenerative disorders and long-term pain. There is a mountain of evidence to support many chronic disorders and the bonus of acupuncture, is that there are minimal side effects and no risk of using alongside medications. 
Acupuncture works cumulatively, meaning that if you've had a symptom for years, it is unlikely to be resolved in a single treatment. In general, acupuncture requires the minimum of a course of 8 treatments in order to have noticeable and lasting effects. On a personal note, I have successful people who have experience peripheral neuropathy for 30 years or more and returned normal sensation to their hands and feet. This is just one example, but it is important to maintain your expectations for the initial few treatments, as change in some people can come slowly. Unfortunately in life, nothing is ever 100% and treats 100% of people, but have knowledge that I will use my seven years of university studying and many years of experience to give you the best chances to return to a comfortable and well life. 

This can be scheduled personally with your acupuncturist during or after your initial consultation. We will work together to create a treatment plan most beneficial to your chronic condition, while fitting in with your lifestyle. 

Here is some literature from Evidence Based Medicine and the British Acupuncture Council about some specific chronic issues that acupuncture is able to help with. 
Allergic Rhinitis 
Allergic Rhinitis [2]
Angina and Heart Disease
Asthma (2018)
Back Pain (2022)
Bell's Palsy
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Diabetes Type II and Gestational Diabetes (2019)
Dizziness and Vertigo (2018)
Dysmennorhea (2019)
Eczema and Psoriasis 
Facial Pain
Frozen Shoulder 
HIV Infection
Hypertension (2019)
Incontinence: Urinary (2019)
Infertility IVF (2019)
Mental Health (Anxiety)

Neck Pain (2019)
Osteoarthritis - Knee (2021)
Plantar Fasciitis 
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (2019)
Oncology / Cancer Pain
Stroke (2019)

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